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About Company

wagon ('waggon' in British and Commonwealth English) is a heavy four-wheeled vehicle pulled by draught animals; it was formerly often called a wain, and if low and sideless may be called a dray, trolley or float.

Wagons are pulled by animals such as horsesmules or oxen, and are used for transporting goods, agricultural materials or sometimes people. Wagons are distinguished from carts, which have two wheels, and from lighter four-wheeled vehicles for carrying people, such as carriages. A wagon may be pulled by one animal or by several, often in pairs.

To enable the wagon to turn in as little space as possible, the front pair of wheels are often made smaller than the rear pair to allow them to turn close under the vehicle sides,[1] and to allow them to turn still further the wagon body may bewaisted. The front wheels of trolleys and floats are small enough to turn under the vehicle's body.

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